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Purple and Gold Hand-placed Glitter Gradient!

The Essence Nail Art Decoration Kits still have plenty of glitter in them, so I'm clearly going to do more glitter manis.  I try to not do these every day because I don't want you to get sick of them but this is so totally permission because I have to review these kits properly!  I really wanted to do a full coverage mani with the medium sized gold holo glitter from the gold kits but I've done this one recently, can't be predictable.  Glitter gradient it is!

I don't know what it is, but I'm totally obsessed with Urban Outfitters nail polish right now because their creme colours are really good at going with my glitter.  And the bottles are so square, they tesselate nicely in my drawers.  And they're $4 each.  So I started this mani off with three coats of UA Bandeau, a strong purple creme.  Next, I tipped a little of the gold hex glitter onto a plastic container lid (or anywhere where you can retrieve said glitter without dying) and went to work with my orange stick and cheap top coat.  I found it easiest to start at the cuticle - keep them nice and close together - then just work up until you think it's good.  Nice and easy, this one.  Then all the top coat.  Cos we want our glitter to stay cos yay sparklies. The end.  For this bit, there's more down there vv :)

The Verdict:  Ignore the bubbles in the top coat, that's just cos I tipped two Seche Vite bottles together and it was chucking a tanty.  You can't really go wrong with purple and gold, especially when it's sparkly and the purple is such an awesome colour.  Sparkly!


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Ok!  So.  Stuff.  I've had an interesting few weeks lately.  My mum came to visit and we got to surprise her with a trip to Curacao and it was so awesome.  I saw soo many fish, seriously, if you like diving or snorkeling even a little it's like paradise.  All this plus work means blogging is hard so here's something I did a little while ago.  It's glitter, but it doesn't take a million years to do.  Hooray! Sparklies, stuff, blah let's go. 


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