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Sparkly Circle Glitter Nails Because I Have to Match Chalkboard Nails!

For the longest time, I've admired Sarah's work over at  Her technique is flawless, her photography is flawless and I basically hate/love her for being so amazing.  So I was just casually reading Tumblr last night and I see a post of hers, a gorgeous mani with holographic charcoal glitter for her 17th day of the 30 day challenge.  I squee-d a bit then once recovered I clicked through to her site.  There, right at the top, is this:
If there's one day to tackle a glitter placement manicure, it's the "Glitter" day of the 31 Day Challenge. So I put on my big girl pants and said a prayer to the god of glitter placement, Polish All the Nails.
Like, just kill me now.  I was so excited I fluttered a couple of laps around my apartment, woke up my boyfriend to tell him then tracked down all the places she posted it and gushed praise all over everything.  It's so excited, I can't really words good right now.  It was already 11.30pm at this point but the evil part of my brain that doesn't like me sleeping thought it would be good idea to do a circle glitter mani too! With the smallest circles I have!  Cos sleep is for suckers!  I'm tired :(

It was a hard choice with my glitter. Of course I went for the small one because I'm crazy.  To start, I applied three coats of Urban Outfitters Storm then went to work with an orange stick and my current cheap top coat, Love & Beauty Top Coat.  Bear Grylls kept me company as I stuck all my glitter on.  I went back afterward to fill in the gaps around my cuticles and tips.  It makes me so happy that Sarah did the same with trimming pieces to fit.  I'm glad I'm not the only one who likes total coverage.  She even trimmed studs to fit!

My poor attempt at doing Sarah's pose.  I don't have the right camera set up :(

The Verdict:  I'm so happy right now.  My nails are sparkly, everyone is lovely, all is right with the world.  I don't care how late I stayed up and how tired I am now, all is well.  SPARKLIES FOR EVERYONE!


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