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Sunset Gradient Maze Nails!

So I may have mentioned that I'm not working right now.  My company kinda collapsed a bit, but that's ok cos we were compensated.  My life right now is me, sitting at my computer at strange hours of the day and night, talking to my cat and occasionally my boyfriend.  It also means for some weird reason that my impulse control has gone out the window.  I dyed my hair from a box which is a terrible idea if you're blonde and when one too many nails broke on my photo hand I got fake nails.  Wooo! It's kinda hard to type but I'm digging them a bit.  They're all long and not too thick.  They're long enough now that I feel comfortable totally copying an amazing design Chalkboard Nails did the other day.  I'm not kidding when I say copied.  Go look at her stuff.  Not afraid to say I both love her and hate her a bit, she's too good!

Anyway, for these nails I finally got the makeup sponge gradient to work properly.  Turns out a white base is a really good idea.  I started with two coats of L.A. Girl Delicate then painted stripes of American Apparel Neon Yellow and Neon Blue, with Urban Outfitters Hottub in the middle on a sponge.  I then just dabbed it on my nails.  The colour choice was incredibly inspired as you get a wonderful yellow-orange-pink-purple-blue sunset gradient.  I added a coat of Seche Vite cos it never hurts then freehanded the maze design using LA Colors Art Deco nail art polish.  I thought about using tape but that's just too much work.  A final coat of Seche Vite and I'm done!

The Verdict: Man, this design is amazing, I wish I'd thought of it!  I also don't mind my new fake nails even though they woke me up last night cos they're taking a bit of getting used to.  Yay gradients!


  1. I absolutely love the team of colours here, what a fab recreation - which I may have to do as well! haha, good job! :)

  2. O.O Por favor, es precioso!!! me encanta! quiero hacérmelo!

    Un besito desde ❤sɔıʇǝɯsoɔƃuıʌol❤

    Yo he hecho mi primer Reto de Manicuras, si quieres puedes apuntarte, comienza el día 4 de febrero!

  3. i think these came out great for a first try!

  4. Great Laura,
    I actually prefer your gradient than the original one from Chalkboard Nails.
    If you want to, visit my channel on YouTube: iEsmalte!

  5. Wow!!! This is so pretty. Love the color combos and design. You def did a great job on this one. Love it!

  6. Ahhhh I love your blog! :) following you!
    You got some pretty inspiring nail art going on. I love the colours used in this!
    Artistically Curious

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