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I Don't Even Have a Title for This, There's Too Much Going On

So I knew I wanted to do something glitter tonight but I wanted to not just be your run of the mill glitter pattern.  When I found my favourite blue holographic glitter it hit me: RIDICULOUSLY BRIGHT GRADIENT WITH SPARKLIES OVER THE TOP CAN'T NOT BE AWESOME.  So that then.

I wanted a gradient using creme polishes, preferably in a blue-green-yellow gradient.  Four American Apparel polishes fit the bill so I set to work using Imperial Purple, Passport Blue, Malibu Green and Crescent Heights, purple through lime green respectively.  I just used the normal sponge method: start with a white base, paint stripes of polish on a makeup sponge in the same height as your nail, apply maybe three light coats, making sure you move the sponge up and down a bit to blend it all in.  I found that I sometimes need to apply a colour or another at the tips or cuticles, to make sure the white doesn't show through.  Then, using a top coat I found at Dollarama because I really didn't want it to ever dry, I went to work with my blue glitter and orange stick.  This loose dot pattern really doesn't take long if your glitter spread out - I can knock out a finger in under five minutes.  Top with lots of proper top coat like Seche Vite and you're done. 

The Other Hand: It's not really practical to both hands like this so I usually loosely match the style of my right hand on my left.  This time I went for an ombre mani, using each of the four colours on each finger and a random purple on my thumb.  I then sprinkled on the same glitter, to get it to match.  You really can't tell that much and no one really pays that much attention.

The Verdict: I really like how bright and colourful this one is.  Can't go wrong with bright AND sparklies.  I especially like how the glitter blends in around the purple but stands out at a contrast against the lime green.  Success!  Despite taking forever to clean up!


  1. You are so talented. I LOVE your manicures. I would wear any of them!!!

  2. I like it very much, it's so cute and sparkly!

  3. Love how the glitter looks over the gradient!


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