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Review: Lacquistry Chocolate Covered Cherries

I need to get off my bum, everyone, as I'm running out of indie polishes to review!  Of course, to get more I have to stay seated and internet more....Anyway, you all know how much I like Lacquistry polishes so let's take a look at another polish, Chocolate Cover Cherries.

Much like greens, browns are chronically under-represented in my collection so I always feel super proud of myself when I wear one.  Chocolate Covered Cherries is a great example of a good brown as the combination of the brown base and just a bunch of different sizes of red and brown glitter make it super sparkly and very much like chocolate covered cherries.  Application was good although it did need the three coats to get full opacity.  

The Verdict: This is the kind of brown polish I can get behind!  I also like a polish that actually looks like it's namesake.

The Polish:

  • Lacquistry Chocolate Covered Cherries, $8.75, Etsy


  1. I love this! Lacquistry is my fave indie brand. Jenna is so sweet, and the product always impresses!


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