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Stained Glass Nails 2 - The Stained Glassening

Alrighty then, so you all liked my stained glass glitter nails, then, huh?  I hearby take that as free licence and encouragement to do all the glitter nails!  Hooray!  One takeaway from that post was that they could be, how to put it... stained-glassier.  I took that as a challenge!

This is such a nail blogger problem, but it's really hard to make shapes out of hexagons.  Especially when the types you generally get with glitter aren't true hexagons.  After a bit of experimenting, I found that rotating (shocking!) the glitter a little meant that I could create diamonds, a more stained-glassier shape if ever the was one.  To create this mani, I used my usual technique for applying the glitter.  I've recently switched up my top coats and I'm now using Essie Everyday Top Coat.  The trick is to find one that doesn't dry too fast - sticky is the key.  It's been working really well and is super shiny.  In case you were wondering, it took me about an hour to do these and my glitter generally comes from ebay.  Just search for "small hex glitter". 

The Verdict:  Of course I love these. I think the rainbow version I did on Monday was perhaps slightly more my favourite as it had more types of glitter and I love rainbows, but this is still good for me.


  1. Thats so awesome. I'm going to have to give that a try.

  2. You're amazing! This is so gorgeous!

  3. Love this! So freaking awesome!

  4. Ohhhhhh WOW!!!!!!!!!!!

    I think this is my favourite mani out of all the hand placed glitter you've ever done. Thanks so much for trying what I suggested! I think it's just breath taking.


  5. You consistently blow me out of the water. Wow. Just wow!

  6. Your placement of the glitters is perfection. I love it and have to try this look in the future as well as all the other ones you've done!!

  7. These are beautiful, as was the other mani that inspired this!

  8. This's so gorgeous! It must have taken you a long time! I would know, I've done something like this before!!

    I would love if you drop by!

  9. Alright - I have never commented on here before but I have to say this is ridiculously awesome!

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Pretty pretty. I like this version better than the previous one. This one immediately reminded me of Gothic cathedrals.

  12. i never get tired of looking at your nails!

  13. just when I think it can't get better - it does!! you've outdone yourself - LOVE this!!

  14. WOW you must not have much else to do but place single glitters???? I have not the patience to do this, although it is cool as sh*t!

    1. I finish work by 5.30, don't go to bed til about 1 so even if I have dinner with friends or go to the gym I still have a few hours free a night. Plenty of time!

  15. I am confused as to the you use loose glitteR? cause it looks like it is in a nail polish bottle...someone ...please enlighten me lol


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