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Water Marbling with a Clear Polish Over Glitter!

If I see someone doing something cool with their nails on the internet, Imma wanna jump on that bangwagon.  Yesterday, it was water marbling over glitter polish to make poinsettia nails - like this. Given it combines my new obsession of water marbling and glitter, I'm on it!  

To start, I applied two coats of Sally Hansen Celeb City - my favourite silver foil - followed by two coats of China Glaze Pizazz, a lovely rainbow glitter mix.  I have a bunch of other glitters like this like Sephora by OPI Spark-tacular, OPI Rainbow Collection and Nicole by OPI Rainbow in the Sky-lie but seriously, I cannot get enough of them.  The Sephora polish was one of the ones that started this obsession for me so of course I'm going to buy more.  Anyway, once that was done it was on to the water marble.  This was a little tricky as it was not easy trying to find a clear polish that would spread properly in the water.  I tried multiple base- and top-coats with no luck.  In the end I went with Essie Kisses and Bises as it's one of those nearly clear shimmery polishes that go well over black.  

The Verdict:  I like how this came out but I wish I'd stuck to the one pattern for the water marble.  I was trying to be all experimenty but just came out a bit weird.  I do like the whole water-marbling-with-clear-polish thing though, I'm going to have to try more types.


  1. This is fabulous!! <3 And now seeing this reminds me that I forgot to get distilled water from the store! :P

  2. I love this! Your pinky and ring fingers are my fav

  3. I love this! You did a great job and I don't see any problems with doing a bunch of patterns. =D

  4. OHHHHHHHHH MY. I'm going to have to try this :D I've done a clear/black marble before over a sheer polish but not glitter. Very cute!

  5. So beautiful! I'm a complete glitter addict too, although I'm nowhere near as patient as you with handplaced glitter. This looks awesome.

    How did you finally get the water marble working for you?

  6. This is beautiful! One of these days I'll try some marbling, but it just looks so messy to do, I can't bring myself to try. Yours is so lovely it almost convinces me x x x

  7. This is so creative! My least favorite part of water marbling is all of the experimentation, but sometimes it is so worth it! :)

  8. This turned out so well! My eyes are bulging out of my head!

  9. Wow, you sure mastered the water marble! How much do you charge for lessons? Haha. Amazing, the glitter makes it look so deep and awesome.

  10. this is crazy amazing. Amazing! I need to get a good clear polish to try the marbling with. Love this!!

    1. Oh, with this, don't bother with a clear polish like a top or base coat, it doesn't work. I ended up using this: because it's so sheer it doesn't show up over the glitter. Don't know what that says about it as a polish but hey, whatcha gunna do :)

  11. How do you recommend to do water marbling? I've always wanted to try it but never knew how!

  12. I used this mani as inspiration for my Monkey See, Monkey Do Monday mani! Thanks :) Here's the link if you want to see how I did:


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