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What Happens When a Blogger Living in Canada Goes to the US for the Day Again

Yeah so have a guess what happens when a polish blogger living in Canada goes to Buffalo for the day.  Now, you may think that it couldn't be that bad, surely Canada has all the same stuff the US does.  NOPES.  Not even a bit.  To make matters worse I went with my lovely friend Tara (hi Tara!) who is just as in to nail polish as I am so we spent the whole day driving around to find nail polish.  That's my idea of an awesome day but ow my wallet.  Let's take a look at what I got, shall we?

I know it's a little hard to see in this first one but it gives you an idea of scale.  Also, what my lightbox looks like.

Notable here is the full Halo Hues collection from Color Club that is so amazing I could literally die, Sally Hansen Lustre Chromes that I haven't seen here yet, OPI DS Temptation, three free OPI crackles, a gorgeous new Butter London and a whole bunch of cheapie China Glazes, Icing polishes, Sally Hansens, the cheap one that isn't Sinful Colors, Milanis and Wet'n'Wilds.  You'll be seeing lots of these, especially the Color Clubs, if I can get to the sunshine :(

Thanks again Tara!


  1. SO jealous! What stores do you usually hit up? I don't know much about shopping in the US but I live near the border so I love going when I get the opportunity but I only know Ulta and Walgreens and recently Rite Aid, all of which are impossible to find near each other... Oh, and Sally's of course, which was too intimidating last time I went xD

    1. This time we hit up a CVS near the bridge that's not Fort Earie (can't remember the name), the Ulta, Target and Sally's that are all together in an outside complex and then the Walden Galleria. The Galleria was the best, you just have to go to all the beauty supply stores there. The one near the Sears end has sooo many OPI's and Zoyas and the one at the other end near the Designer Shoe Warehouse has alllllll the Color Clubs - that's where I found the full set of Halo Hues. This many sound all very non-specific but it makes sense, I swear! :)

    2. Ahaha I'm near BC so I have NO idea what you're talking about, but I'm going to stalk google maps now and see what companies/stores to look for xD Thank youuu!

  2. So awesome! I'm going down to the states on Black Friday and I'm probably going to haul quite a bit too!

  3. I'm in Toronto, so not far from Buffalo, and this makes me wish I had a car!

  4. *drool!*

    Oh how I wish I were not so geographically disadvantaged!


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