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Review: Cover Story Sticks 'n' Stones

Oh, the people that like to surround themselves with drama.  I've always liked Lynnderella polishes but I'm really not going to be one to hound someone into taking my money.  Sure, I'll stalk the odd Esty store but that's par for the course when nail polish is involved.  So when NinjaPolish opened their new store I just had to show how much I didn't care about Lynnderella by buying the Sticks 'n' Stones from Cover Lacquer.  OMG is it awesome but I can kiiiiiinda see how the "covered" artist could be a little miffed.

Sticks 'n' Stones is a gorgoes mix of black and white hex, square and bar glitter.  I love this combination so much there aren't really words to describe it.  It's just so different from the normal polish offerings.  Looking at pictures of the original, I think I might even like it more as there seems to be silver shimmer in it that isn't in this one.  I love that it's just large, sparse glitter in a clear base, makes nails look like some fabulous modern art piece.  Application was really good for this too, below is just one coat with no pushing glitter around.  It's it awesome?  

The Verdict:  So in love with this polish.  I love glitter without the micro filler and this is perfect.

Note about the base colour: In the same shipment from Ninja Polish I also got Galahad from A-England.  I was really excited about this one as the two other A-England's I'd tried were an application dream, so close to being a one coats and so smooth.  This, however, just wasnt...that good.  I had to use three coats to get it even and even then it wasn't that awesome.  Hence my deciding to try Sticks 'n' Stones over the top.  I think I'll give it another chance in a proper review cos it's such a pretty colour.


  1. Ahhh I'm so happy I caught this before it sold out again! It looks amazing!

  2. nice. i have ctd and i love it, but if i had to choose i think i'd prefer one without the microglitter too. i am happy to have the original, but at least now i know when it gets low that this will definitely be a worthy substitute! thanks for the post!


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