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Review: TWO (!!!) Finger Paints Special Effects, Motley and Asylum!

I've already started a post with AHHH MMAHH GAAAHD in the past 24 hours so must think of some other introduction.....hmmm.  I'm really excited? That'll do.  But yes, I am soo very super psyched today as I have two more Finger Paints Special Effects!  The lovely Kitty hooked me up with two (!!!) bottles and they're so worth it, so good.  As I couldn't decide which one to use, why not both?

First up, I wanted to do something other than a flat black for a change.  Here I used two coats of Nicole by OPI No Limits, a gorgeous almost black blue.  It's a heavily pigmented jelly and so glossy on.  I'm a fan.  Next, I added a coat of Asylum (orange and purple flakes), one of Motley (green and blue) and then another of Asylum because it's amazing.  The result? A beautiful flakie rainbow!

The Verdict:  These are amazing, I just hate how hard they were to come by.  The rainbow Finger Paints Asylum and Motley make together is beautiful.  I just wish I hadn't ruined this making the bed about 10 minutes after taking these pictures... :(


  1. What topcoat do you use? I use Seche Vite and can get back to using my nails like normal about 10 mins after putting it on. I could probably do it sooner but I like to make sure it's totally dry.

    1. I used Seche Vite too but stuffing your hands down the sides of a Malm bed to put a fitted sheet on is too much even for the mighty SV :(

  2. Aw, sorry to hear about the bed destroying your gorgeous nails!! This is so pretty!! :D

  3. I have all 5 of these and they are awesome!

    1. *crushing jealousy*. I think Asylum is the one I wanted the most, are there any other must-haves?


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