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Review: Lacquistry Oh Yes I Did

I'm not normally the type to be too upset when I break a nail.  I keep them pretty short as I type all day so it's not usually an issue.  However, when it's super low down on my photo hand, I'm sad.  I MUST CONTINUE ON, HOWEVER.  So please, let's take a moment of silence, think of the loss I've suffered.  Now to super super sparkly nail polish!

Lacquistry Oh Yes I Did is amazing.  It's a brown polish (brown!) with copper, blue and holo glitter.  It's so pretty, so sparkly, so unlike everything else I have stashed away, it's awesome.  It even looks good on my tiny middle nail.  Application on this was really good too.  This is three coats but you could get away with two.  

The Verdict:  Oh that last picture makes me sad :( At least the polish is pretty!

As a side note, I'm having a custom polish commissioned from Lacquisty, I'M SO EXCITED THERE'S GOING TO BE SO MUCH GLITTER IMMA DIE, CAN'T WAIT :D


  1. Wow! This polish is gorgeous, I this it's the bes black glitter I've seen

  2. Love this! Wore this last week and I couldn't stop staring at it!!

  3. SO freakin pretty. Also I didn't even notice the broken nail until I went back and read the bit at the top. Breaking a nail sucks though.

  4. I LOVE LOVE THIS!!! Were can i buy this at?

  5. I hate it when that happens, especially on the picture hand. This polish is so sparkly, it's going on my wish list!

  6. I hate it when that happens, especially on the picture hand. This polish is so sparkly, it's going on my wish list!

  7. I LOVE Lacquistry...I've got this one, but haven't worn it yet. I'm waiting on a few customs, too, and I can't wait! Thanks for sharing your mani, and I'm so sorry for your nail stub! :-(

  8. mmmmm brown with some glittaah. delicious. I want. haha :D


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