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Update: Guest Posting

Holy crap balls guys, I'm so happy so many of you have volunteered to help me with guest posts!  I still need more people, doesn't matter your experience level, I'd love to feature as many people as possible.

I've been thinking about the best way to do this and I have a few guidelines.

  1. Pictures!
    • One of the tools I use to differentiate myself is to use a fancy camera with a macro lens.  You don't have to!  I would prefer it if you used something other than just a cell phone camera but if you can find a way to make it work, that's cool too.
    • I'd like five pictures of each mani you do.  I tend to stick to this progression.  If you can't do because of your camera, just find five different ways to pose. 
      • Longer shot of your nails with the bottle clearly visible
      • Shot of four fingers
      • Closer shot of three fingers
      • Macro shot of your favourite finger.  I usually use my thumb
      • Shot featuring all five fingers
    • Make sure all your pictures are well lit.  I use this lamp with the top third unscrewed and hung over my monitor.  
    • Make sure no photos are blurry or out of focus. 
    • When I'm done taking the photos, I compress them by lowering the image quality in gimp.  Make sure the photos are about 1mb in size and you should be fine
  2. Content
    • If you've read a few of my posts, I'm not the most coherent of writers.  I tend to write whatever happens to float by my brain at the time, which is exactly what I'm doing now.  Along with your pictures, write whatever you feel covers what you're talking about and some kind of segue into it. I'm not going to tell you what to write, whatever :)
  3. The Nails Themselves
    • Two choices: review a polish or come up with something crazy and patterned. 
    • Reviewing:
      • Make sure you mention the full name of the polish, where you got it, how much it costs and what it was like going on.  Yes, I do realise that this constitutes telling you what to write but this is what's floating past my brain right now
      • Try not to review something already covered on the site :)
    • Crazy!
      • This is, of course, my preferred choice.  Dots, stripes, giraffes, stamping, glitter mosaics, giraffe with dots, stripes, stamps done in glitter mosaic, don't care.  Just talk a little about how you did it and we should be good. 
  4. Clean up
    • I find that I get the best results when I use acetone and a paint brush to clean up the edges of my nails.  It just makes for neater pictures.  
That's all I can think of for now.  Thus far, I have the following people as having registered interest: 
  • Unprofessional Nails
  • Aylin
  • StephieJ
  • Miss V's Nails
  • Pixel
  • MixedMama
  • Emma Thea
  • Thalie
  • Natalie
  • Harriet Locket
  • lexi.paige
  • Kristy
  • Violet
  • Gnarly Gnails
  • See Sarah Swatch
  • Jenna Froggy
  • Pryanka
  • Tia Bragg
  • Seya
  • Stephanie Piper
I'll be away for two weeks so I was thinking I'd have one guest post and one regular post for those two weeks.  

Next Steps
  • Get to polishing!  
  • Send me an email at polishallthenails at gmail dot com with your photos and description.  I'll then create the post and let you know when it will appear on the site. 
  • I can provide feedback, if you're not sure about any of the steps.  It may take me a couple of days to get back to you but I'll still try.
  • If you have a blog, I'd appreciate it if you could post about your guest post there.  Visibility for everyone!
That's it, get to it people!


  1. I would be happy to do a guest post, if you still need more. I may not be able to have time to get good pictures and write up the content until Saturday -- would that be too late? You can e-mail me if that's better than replying here --


  2. sounds good - will get mine to you in the next few days!

  3. Cool, I'll try to come up with something and get it to you soon :)

  4. Oh, question! Should we send it to you as, say, a Word document, or just in an email so you can format it yourself?

  5. I would LOVE to be a guest poster! I am going to be getting this to you by end of day today! Woohoo!!

  6. Hi! Did you get my e-mail? It's cool if you aren't interested, just wanted to make sure I didn't mess up the address or something like that! :)


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