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Review: China Glaze Prismatics Part 2 - Optical Illusion, Prism and Full Spectrum

Last week I was lucky enough to come across the entire China Glaze Prismatic collection and I just had to have all of them, right then.  I'd been looking forward to this collection as I love glitter and I love something different.  This collection is particularly unique, and I don't think I've seen anything that is nothing but glitter but still managing to pull off a duochrome.  I reviewed the first three colours in the collection here, check them out to get an idea of how they span a range of colours.  

Alrighty, I hope you're comfy as we have a lot of pictures and three polishes to go through.  First up, Optical Illusion, the "blue" of the collection.  I have to say, in the bottle I wasn't that excited about this one.  Being a bit blue, teensy bit green, it just didn't seem to be as duochrome and special as some of the others.  Man, did I change my mind once this one was on.  It's still a bit blue but on the nail you see all these blues, greens and a pink sheen that's really pretty.  All that on top of just ridiculous amounts of glitter.  This one is one of my favourites in the collection, fo' shizzle. 

Just a quick note, the application for all these was the same, excellent coverage for a glitter but I added three coats to each, just to get all the glitter possible.  They all dried quickly and are pictured without a base colour, you really don't need it.  I tried it out with a black base coat and it just looked weird as it showed around the cuticles without making the colour more opaque.

You can see in this one the pink that shows through in some lights.  So pretty, can't think of many blue-pink duochromes out there. 

The Verdict:  Love this one.  Just when you think it's just a blue you get this flash of pink that's so pretty.  It surprised me as I wasn't so keen on the colour in the bottle so it gets points for that too.

Next up we have Full Spectrum, the "pink" of the collection.  Just like the others, application is good with these pictures showing three coats.  I was excited about this one as it has quite a strong duochrome, switching between pink and gold.  On the nail though, it's just kinda...there.  If this was just on it's own, I'd be all over it but after the strong blue of Optical Illusion it's just not quite as powerful.  It's still a beautiful glitter and has that duochrome which still makes it better than Polarized but it could have been stronger.  It does improve on the close up at least - this has a full rainbow of glitter colours which I <3.

I can't really stay mad at this though, look at that full rainbow of glitter showing there on my ring finger <3

The Verdict:  Full Spectrum is lucky it has so many different glitter colours in it! As a distance it just looks like a slightly pink glittery silver but on the close up you can see so many different coloured hex pieces, it's great.  There are others in this collection that are a bit stronger in terms of colour though.

Finally, Prism, another of my favourites.  Overall looking purple, you can see pinks, blues, purples and silvers in the duochrome.  I really love the oil-slick duochrome you see in these polishes, you just don't get that very often.  The difference colour shifts, the multi-coloured glitter, this one is great.

Just like Full Spectrum, you get so many different, complementary colours of glitter, it's great.  I love how much stronger the colour shift is in this one too. 

The Verdict: Another standout in this collection, which is actually kinda hard to do as they're quite similar. What separates this one out is the stronger base colour, stronger colour shift and rainbow glitter.  Seriously, if someone was going to make me a polish, it would have allll these things.

Final Verdict:  My favourites in this collection would have to be Prism and Optical Illusion.  The mere fact I can pick them out of the line up makes them extra special.  That being said, the whole collection is a true winner from China Glaze, I can only hope they keep being different like this, it's awesome.

Don't forget, you can win the whole collection in my giveaway, please check it out :)


  1. I just can't get over how freaking gorgeous these are in your macro shots!!


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