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Review: Nails Inc Special Effects Glitters - Bloomsbury Square

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Sephora.  I love that they created their own incantation of OPI for their in-house brand.  I hate that they want me to pay $18 for a magnetic polish (hate more that I did).  Right about in the middle are the Nails Inc polishes.  At $11.50, they're pricey and for the most part, unexciting.  However, they released a line of "3D Glitter" polishes (I'm still not sure what that means....) that are sparkly enough for me to overlook the price tag. 

Bloomsbury Square is an absolute glitter bomb with purple micro glitter and pink hex glitter in a clear base.  With a lot of these, they appear opaque in the bottle but when you apply them, hole city!  This one was actually pretty good, building up a nice opacity with three coats.  OMG IS IT SPARKLY ONCE YOU HAVE IT ON.  So sparkly I think I'm still seeing glitter dots in my eyes. 

I wasn't sure about the glitter combo in the bottle but on it merges together nicely.  Both up close and further away, it's interesting which is good in my books.

The Verdict:  I'm pretty sure you could reproduce a look like this for a lot cheaper than $11.50.  If it was even $10 I'd say go for it as it really is super sparkly.  For the price though, meh.  It is pretty though.


  1. I've been eyeing these polishes but like you said the price is a bit steep. I have the magnetic set which is great and 2 of the colors but the colors apply horribly. I have nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award! Here are the details:

  2. I've been curious about this colour, thanks for posting! Looks great!

  3. LA Colors makes a magenta/aqua fine glitter polish called Jewel Tone that gives this effect - not quite as pink and more on the purple side but I found it for a dollar at my local Dollar Tree. I do love the formula on the Nails Inc polishes, though - They make my favorite black polish - opaque and fast drying with a super shiny finish!


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