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Review: Two A England Polishes - Perceval and Bridal Veil

 My usual accumulation of parcels that arrives on a Monday happened on a Friday this week and man, did I get some doozies.  A couple of weeks ago I placed an order with Llarowe for a nice selection of flakies effects as I'm still chaffing about the Finger Paints.  They will eternally be my white whale, unless someone wants to do a trade :D? Anyway, in for a penny, in for a pound and so I chucked two A England polishes in there too.  OMG do I love these.  I have to order more but first let's look at Perceval.

Perceval is the most beautiful metallic red I think I've ever seen and man, did it freak out my camera trying to photograph it.  Of these pictures I think the first is the closest to the colour in real life but I added the others to get a closer look at the consistency.  Applying these polishes was an absolute dream, I don't think I've come as close to the mythical one-coater as these two.  What you see in the pictures below is two coats but that's just me.  You could do with one. 

Look how rich the colour looks in this picture.  I was lucky enough to have Family Day off (being in Canada) so I actually got to try some pictures in the daylight.  I'm woefully under-prepared for anywhere other than my desk so there aren't too many.  Can't you see how metallic and gorgeous this is in the light?

The Verdict:  My favourite red, hands down.  I mean, if I needed a red for a larger design I'd probably use a flat red but this one is so stunning on its own.  Love it.  Oh and check here if you want to see what else you can do with it.

Next up we have Bridal Veil, a stunning charcoal with quite a strong scattered holo running through it.  I just couldn't get over how well this one applied, it really is a one coater.  This is two coats but it didn't look any different with the second coat.  I love the colour too and always <3 holos.

You gotta check the close-up for the picture above, the glitter particles are just stunning.

 The Verdict:  I love holo polishes as they just look like a normal, simple colour until the light hits them right and then hello rainbows.  Even if this didn't have the holo it's a beautiful charcoal.  The colour, the holo and the amazing application makes this one a winner.

I will definitely be ordering more of these :)


  1. Wow, I LOVE Bridal Veil. And the name is rather ironic, too. :)

  2. Love A England, rockin Saint George right now!


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