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Ruffle Nails!

So, things have been a bit quiet around these here parts, it's ok, I've just been going through the process of getting a new contracting job, incorporating myself and all the endless paperwork that that entails.  Given I had a three week lead time before starting, I decided to peace out and go to Cuba for a week!  It's so beautiful there I can't even words.  I mean, this is where I was all week.  This was the walkway leading down to the beach:  

That's not a stock photo, I just held my phone up and that's what happened.  So I've been warm for a whole week.  

But you aren't here for the Cuba photos, you're here for the nails!  I wanted something bright and colourful before I left and since I haven't done ruffle nails in a while, I think it's time!

To start, I applied two coats of OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls.  It's a really good white base colour.  Next I started at the bottom near the cuticle and just brushed on Urban Outfitters Blue Jeans.  I then pulled out my most opaque cremes and my larger dotting tool and applied a row of dots at a time.  Just make sure you place the dots as far apart as you can, helps make it look extra ruffley.  In order from the bottom up starting with Blue Jeans, the colours are Urban Outfitter (UA) Rodeo Sweetheart, UA Flip Flop, Sally Hansen Celeb City, UA Westside, UA Mojave, UA Bandeau, UA Smush and Revlon Gold Coin.  In case you can't tell I've been on something of a UA kick lately.  They just have really nice colours for $4 each.

The Verdict:  Love Cuba, love ruffles.  I know that most of you are American and can't go but wow, it's so gorgeous and peaceful.  White sand, 25 degrees and sunny, turquoise water, so awesome.  I'mma post more too... :D


  1. love the nails! i really would love to see more cuba photos!

  2. So glad you're back! The nails and Cuba photo are lovely.

  3. Oh my...more Cuba pics please! It looks absolutely beautiful! Really interesting technique as well, never would have guessed it was a dotting tool you used.

  4. Love the ruffles! So cute. :) And omg, I would love to be somewhere warm right now!

  5. May I ask which resort in Cuba it is? I'm considering going but all the resorts get mixed reviews.

  6. Hi, I just started a blog too! Please check it out and follow if you like what you see! :D

  7. Hello! Just saw your blog through another blog friend and I love it! I follow you from now to not miss anything;)
    I invite you to visit my blog of nails:

  8. Waaa, love those nails!

    wanna follow?

  9. hi laura! nice meeting u last night :) your blog is awesome!! i decided to comment here cuz i'm pretty sure i went to the same resort last year!!



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