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Birdie Sky Nails with Moyou Suki Stamping Plate!

Ok!  So for no apparent reason I haven't been posting much.  There is absolutely no reason other than it's been making me feel vaguely anxious, uninspired and prone to just avoiding posting.  I don't know why this is, after all time.  I have now decided that that is stupid and I'm just going to post every day for a bit.  No challenge timeframe, just for a while.  I have to do things other than glitter placements.  I think that's been part of it.  If it isn't a placement, it isn't as spectacular and then why should I post it?  Therefore I'm just going to post.  Cos who cares.  More nails!  So let's take a look at my first fuck-it nails, shall we?  They're really awesome. 

I had a lovely time yesterday hanging out with my friend Kristen, who I met through Instagram.  She is incredibly good at stamping so of course I'm to make the most of her and her amazing Moyou stamping plates.  I have a thing for birds so the Moyou Suki 08 Plate had to be the winner.  Can I just say, I love those plates just because designing a full plate pattern like that is just so impressive that I want to buy all of them immediately.  Birds need sky so I started off with two coats of Urban Outfitters Pixie and layered a gradient of it, China Glaze Electric Beat and Urban Outfitters Blue Velvet atop it.  Using Konad Black Special Polish, Kristen stamped me with birds and flowers.  I hate that my Seche Vite streaked but whatcha gunna do.  Still looks awesome. 

The Verdict:  Love my stamping, gradient and the fact that I'm posting this and it isn't glitter!  I'll be pumping out the simple stuff for a while but who knows, I might discovered another thing like glitter placement!  Thanks again Kristen!


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Ok!  So.  Stuff.  I've had an interesting few weeks lately.  My mum came to visit and we got to surprise her with a trip to Curacao and it was so awesome.  I saw soo many fish, seriously, if you like diving or snorkeling even a little it's like paradise.  All this plus work means blogging is hard so here's something I did a little while ago.  It's glitter, but it doesn't take a million years to do.  Hooray! Sparklies, stuff, blah let's go. 


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The challenge isn't going super well for me.  I could do it, but it's bringing up this whole complex mess of procrastination, pressure and something undefinable that makes me just want to avoid doing it.  I feel like I'm rebelling when I don't do a day.  Screw you Past Laura, you can't tell me what to do!  Add the pressure of choosing something for "Glitter", well, that's clearly not going to be done on time.  It's late, but look, rainbows!