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I don't know what it is, but there's something about hex glitter that is very pleasing to me.  The tessellation, the way the colours can interlace, it's just great.  The problem is, the tiny glitter - my favourite - is actually quite difficult to find. The red, especially, difficult to track down.  I FINALLY FOUND SIXTEEN COLOURS BIATCHES.  THUS, RAINBOW-Y-EST RAINBOWS EVER AND I'm sharing too at the The Sparkly Shop... But we're here for this rainbow today.  LOOK AT THIS WOULD YOU.

I get asked all the time to make a tutorial for this kind of glitter placement.  The problem is, a tutorial isn't really going to show you much.  It'll just show me individually placing around 160 pieces of glitter per nail.  However, if you follow the following steps you will be more likely to have an evenly spaced result.  Apply two coats of your base colour, and choose something dark because it just looks better with a rainbow.  Then, apply a stripe of top coat down the middle of your nail and place a column of glitter.  This will set the spaced for the rest of the nail.  You then just keep applying small, thin amounts of top coat and just fit the hexes together.  That's it really.  I've had good luck with gel top coats - either Sally Hansen or Nailene Ultra Quick Dry Gel.  Any regular top coat is fine too.  That's it really.  Other than basking in the sparklies and attention that is. 

The Verdict: This is so close to perfect.  I love how I managed to fit all sixteen colours on each nail, and that my spacing is decent.  One day I'll do a placement where the cuticle or a stray piece of glitter doesn't bother me...

Rainbow glitter is available from the The Sparkly Shop here.


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