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Over the past week or so, I completed the mammoth task of swatching every single polish I own.  Given that this was my collection back in April, it was no easy task.  I did, however, find a bunch of polishes I forgot I had.  Among them was my Art Deco +nail art polishes I found for super cheap earlier in the year.  I never really used them as the colours weren't quite right for what I had in mind and they got pushed to the bottom of my hold-all box.  Turns out, they're pretty good, especially the black and whites.  Having just started re-watching Friends from the beginning again, I had time to play with the stripers.  So, stripes!

It's funny, this looks so much better from a distance.  My hands are nowhere near steady enough to hold up to macro photography but, I make an effort to share regardless of how much I want to retroactively go and fill in the gaps in the stripes.  I didn't use a base colour for this mani, just striped on the red first, then the white and finally the navy with a separate brush.  Bit wobbly, and shows just how badly I broke my middle nail, but really, looks cool from a distance.  

The Verdict:  You can't beat red, white and navy for a colour combo.  The stripes make my nails look shorter but it's eye-catching, always a goal.   In case you were wondering, I didn't do stripes on my other hand.  Instead, I started with a base of Sally Hansen Navy Baby and added a coat of OPI Gettin' Miss Piggy with It.  I kinda like having contrasting hands and turns out the red glitter looks awesome over navy.


  1. omg how the heck did u swatch every polish u own!!

    1. Hah, well, yeah, it wasn't the fastest thing I've ever done. They're all on those plastic practice nail sticks. I bought 15 packs off ebay (for only $45) with 50 in each pack so I just went through them all. It was quite therapeutic. I'd line up 10 sticks, paint a coat on each, repeat, do an extra coat on those that needed it, put the lids back on, write the names on them all then leave them aside to dry. Repeat!

      In case you can't tell with my glitter manis, I like repetitive actions. I like knitting and cross-stitch too. I just have to find a way to photograph them all now.... :)


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