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Oh My Stars over ILNP Summer Stargazing

Stars! Yeah! Woo!  I used to hate star glitter cos you'd always get bits sticking up and catching on everything.  Turns out that doesn't happen when your stars are teeny and adorable.  Yess.  It also makes me feel clever when I use matte glitter over holo polish.  No idea why but I feel like I'm inverting a paradigm.  And then I get to feel even more superior for spelling paradigm correctly the first go.  IM SMART GUISE.

I started off here with two coats of ILNP Summer Stargazing, a royal blue holo polish.  It's nifty, although I feel it could be darker.  This was after I applied my acrylic tips.  I kinda ruined my nails scuda diving in Curacao and picking off too much nail glue so this way I get to have the nails I want without having to grow them.  I've been using the Nailene Ultra Quick Gel Kit and it's actually really good.  Sure, it takes a bit of practice but it's not hard.  You just have to make sure you spend enough time filing down the join where the tips end.  You can see I didn't do it enough on my middle finger, that's why you can see a ridge.  Not only do you get long nails, but the combo of the gel and top coat activator works awesome over glitter.  Very shiny and long wearing, even if you're really rough on your nails like I am.  Anyway, glitter.  Usual deal, just covered my nail in top coat and stuck my stars on.  Not really too complicated this time.

The Verdict:  Loving the acrylics even if they make me want to pick them off.  Loving the holo ILNP polish and of course the stars.  They're available from The Sparkly Shop in a nice little set.  That I made.  I tell you, it's very difficult to comfortably promo your own stuff...



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