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Guest Post #7: Raquel from 9ml Universe

Guest post time!  Today we have a lovely sparkly mani from the lovely Raquel from the lovely 9ml Universe!  Take it away, Raquel.
Hi everyone! 
My name is Raquel and today I'll be showing you a brand that I doubt any of you has heard about, it's a spanish brand called Yes Love. I don't own many polishes from this brand, just 2 I think, but the ones I do own are quite awesome! At first, I wasn't really sure if they were any good. Here in Portugal they're only sold in chinese stores and only cost 1€, so that made me think they would be crappy, but everyone on the portuguese Facebook groups I'm in, only had nice things to say about them. I decided to give them a try and found this gorgeous colour one day on my way home. I have a soft spot for purple polishes! 
Ok, moving on to the polish itself. This is Yes Love #N06 and it's purple with some gold micro glitter in it.  It had a really nice formula, not too thick or runny, and 2 coats were enough to get perfect coverage. Can't really talk about drying time though, I always use Seche Vite after doing my nails. 
If anyone here follows my blog, you know that my thing is my accent nail! I always try to do something different on my ring finger. This time wasn't any different, but I wanted it to have a little bit of Laura's thing too, and that left me no other choice than glitter!! xD I always love her glittery manicures and admire her patience do to that on all of her nails.
So here you have it, a purple manicure with handplaced purple (sometimes green-ish or blue-ish) glitter on my accent nail.

I  hope you all liked this manicure, I was a bit lost and didn't know what to do for this post and I'd also like to thank Laura for the possibility to write a guest post for her fantastic blog. 

Thanks so much Raquel, you did amazingly!  I always love what other people do with hand-place glitter :D


  1. It's a very interesting design, love it!

  2. This looks lovely, I would like to think that is what dragon scales would look like :D

  3. Thank you for the opportunity, Laura! ^^

  4. Hi Laura! Amazing guest post with Raquel! I am also a Portuguese girl and I do too own a lot of Yes Love and their price quality relation is great. There are lots of colors, finishes and glitters to chose from! I really loved the one that Raquel chose to show yous! And the accent nail.. well.. perfect!!
    Congrats to you both!


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