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Review: Gosh Holographic Hero

There are tons of different polishes I'm incapable of passing up but queen of them all are holo polishes.  A true linear holo polish is a truly magical thing to behold and I've spent a lot of time trying to track down the best ones.  Imagine my surprise when I found a re-release of the infamous Gosh Holographic Hero in Shoppers the other day!  I totally didn't buy two of them.  The problem of course though is how my lighting setup for photos is the WORST for trying to capture a rainbow.  When we had that rare sunny day in Toronto last week, I had to run home and take photos.

Like Nfu-Oh 61, application is a little bit tricky as the polish tends to drag around the cuticles.  I found though that if you do three thin coats and let it dry throughly between coats, you can get it nice and even.  Also, holos benefit from the "top coat sandwich".  As top coats tend to dull holos just a little, adding two coats, a coat of top coat then another coat of polish means you get the wear boost from the top coat but none of the dulling.  Apply sunshine then try not to faint.

Warning: butt-load of pics ahead!

The Verdict:  Given that I found the whole Halo Hues Color Club collection when I made the trip to Buffalo on the weekend, this is marginally less impressive but look at the rainbows here!  It's a great polish, you should definitely grab it if you find it.


  1. Wow! It's lovely!
    Love your blog!


  2. I am so glad I found this in Shoppers too. Holographics don't come along very often in Canada from what I've seen. Love the picspam, really gets all angles =D

  3. Unfortunately Gosh is not available in my country and holos are generally hard to come buy. Watching pictures like these is not making it easier, but I do love to see a nice holo.
    Have you tried using aqua base coat under Gosh and Nfu.Oh polishes? They go so much easier over them and it takes less coats to achieve full opacity.

  4. I saw these the other day but decided to pass on them since I already have Nfu Oh #61. How does the Gosh holo compare to Nfu Oh? I might have to bite if they have it in blue...


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