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My Most Complex Rainbow Glitter Mosaic Yet

It's no secret that when I get bored, I troll ebay for glitter.  I set myself a $10 budget, search for "holo hex glitter" or something, sort by buy it now and lowest price + shipping and go nuts.  I got a new package in the mail today and turns out we all have different definitions of "rhombus" as my rhombus glitter was distinctly hexagonally shaped.  Whatever, it's an excuse to the most rainbowy nails I've ever done.  They're so sparkly they're actually casting little rainbows on my keyboard as I type this.  Sure, they took a long time to do but look how sparkly in these static images!

To start, I did my usual base, two coats of Rimmel Black Satin.  It cleans up well and doesn't do weird things to my glitter so it's a good base.  Then, using my usual technique and Sally Hansen Invisible top coat, I got to work with my glitter.  I've been having a lot of luck lately with starting with a column of glitter straight down the middle of a nail then building out from there.  I can usually find half pieces of glitter in my little pile to fill in around the cuticles.  I do love a neat line of glitter.  In case you're wondering what I'm holding, yes, that's my fabulous peacock bracelet I never wear because it's the wrong shape for my wrist but like having around anyway.  Makes for a good sparkle complement. 

Oh, and if you do do this (heh, do do), I did a walk-through on how to fix glitter mosaics after you've had them on a few days.  It's here, if you're interested :)

 The Verdict:  I know a lot of you don't have the time or the inclination to do a manicure as complicated as this, and that's ok.  I like to spend my evenings watching movies or TV so it's not like I'd be doing anything else.  Just don't post the "Ain't nobody got time for that" gif and I'll be happy.  That gif dogs me where-ever I go.  I have time for that!  One day the general public (not you guys, you're awesome) will accept my glittery lifestyle!


  1. wow, it's amazing!

    xoxo Miu

  2. I think it's awesome. I wish I had the patience/skill for that kind of stuff, but I simply don't.

    However, that doesn't mean that I can understand that each person uses his time in whatever he/she enjoys the most, and that's absolutely fine. I admire your manicures, they are beautiful. :)

  3. this looks so divine =O i can't stop looking at it *.* i am really jealous of your patience :b

  4. This is stunning!
    Please spend more time doing such great manis, i love your pictures <3 :-D

  5. İt's Amaazinggg O.o

    I LOVE İT <333333333

  6. OMG! This is just fantastic!

  7. So so so beautiful!!! I am waiting myself for a lot of hex glitters in order to do some glitter goodness myself, but I think I will start with an accent nail ;)

  8. simply stunning! so much love for these sparkly nails!

  9. This is my favorite hand placed glitter manicure you've done so far! Gorgeous color flow.

  10. I actually ordered a set of 12 different colored glitters so I can try something MUCH less complicated-but I thought I'd give it a whirl!~This is really awesome BTW!

  11. I wish I had the patience to do one accent nail like this! It's beautiful.

  12. I reaaaaaally love this nails ♥ they are very pretty :)
    I began with my blog recently, and really appreciate if you can see it :)
    Kisses from Argentina!

  13. thats sssssososoooososososososososSOSOSOSOSOSSSSOOOOOO SO PRETTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @@

  14. This is so beautiful! It must have taken so much concentration and patience! I love it :-) x

  15. Just wanted to say that you are my glitter hero! All your glitter manis satisfy my OCD tendencies so well. I absolutely have to try this when I get my hands on some glitter...

  16. Wow, incredible. It's not that I don't have the time for that, I just don't have the patience!! You should be proud that you do. Great work.

  17. You know when I started doing more complex stuff (stamping, layering, etc - I am in awe of you!) with
    my nails?
    When I was in treatments after my cancer surgeries. I didn't feel up to much, but doing my nails made me feel good and didn't take much in the way of physical strength. And it's a cheap hobby, a plus since I couldn't work as much..

    It makes you happy and it doesn't hurt anyone. I think it's crazy beautiful.

    Crazy how some people judge other people.

  18. OH MY GOD.
    I just found your blog completely by chance Google searching rainbows, but I too have a nail blog! I have never done anything as amazeballs as this but now that I see it I SO WANT TO!!!!!
    BLING! BLING! That's awesome calling.

  19. These are absolutely gorgeous! I do a monthly favorite mani post at the end of every month. Would you mind if I added these to my post for Feb linked back to you?

  20. It's very nice!
    So, tell me... you do this one by one? OMG!


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