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Review: Can't Get Finger Paints Special Effects? Get Ludurana Flakies Instead!

Whatever would give you the impression that I'm sour over not being able to find the Finger Paints Special Effects collection?  It couldn't possibly be my scouring the internet to find flakies of any description, my purchasing of five from Llarowe's store and definitely not my defiant evil laughter when these arrived!  Ahem, anyway, I've talked before about my frustration at not being able to get the Finger Paints anywhere and to help me move on I picked up five flakies from a brand I've never tried before, Ludurana.  I tried to get them to cover roughly the same colours as the Finger Paints and I ended up with a decent range.  Let's take a look!

First up, let's take a look at how they fit in a colour range and which is which.  

Thumb: Sol, Index: Chuva, Middle: Trovao, Ring: Relampago and Pinkie: Vento

L to R: Sol, Chuva, Trovao, Relampago, Vento.

Now we know which is which, let's see what these flakies actually look like on.  I will say up front that the coverage on all of these isn't as good as the Finger Paints.  All of these pictures are three coats and I'd still have preferred more glitter.  To get an idea of what the Finger Paints look like, have a look at my review here.

First up, Sol, the red-orange-yellow-green flakie.  It's probably the closest of all to Shine of the Times but is more in the autumnal colours.  The best coverage of the collection and really pretty on.

Next, Chuva, the blue-orange-yellow flakie.  This would have to be my favourite of the group, I love how many different colours came out in it.  So pretty. 

Next, Trovao, the green-blue flakie. This one is very very close to Finger Paints Flecked, the one and only bottle in my collection.  I was a little disappointed at how sparse this one is but I like how strong the colour shift is.

Next, Relampago, the yellow-blue-green flakie.  My second favourite, I just love the different colours together.  Again, very sparse in terms of coverage though. 

Finally, Vento, the blue-green flakie.  It does look a little similar to Trovao on the nail but this has a stronger blue over the green of the previous colour.  I really like the blue in this, a nice sky blue. 

 The Verdict:  I was a little disappointed with the coverage on these when I first applied them but I got over it pretty fast after three coats.  Given that the Finger Paints are impossible to find, these are an excellent substitute and cover a good range of colours.  I WILL AVENGE YOU YET SPECIAL EFFECTS!!

You can find these for $7 each on


  1. Oooh, I didn't know someone else is looking for hte FP flakies still. I actually shipped to 2 Canadians the extras I got and they paid me the cost plus shipping. I only have an extra of Asylum and I think Motley left. Only downside shipping to Canada is that I have no way to track it once it leaves me, but thank goodness that both packages got there fine.

    Let me know if you are still interested in those.

    1. OMG YES YES YES PLEEEEEAAASSE. I'll take absolutely anything you have! The Sally's near me thought it would be good to sell two cases to one person so I never even had a chance! Mind shooting me an email (see Contact above) and we'll set this up?

      <3 <3 :D:D:D


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